We design and make high quality double basses and violones, are dealers for new instruments by other makers. We also offer antique and consignment instruments as they become available. 

There are currently more than a dozen basses for sale in all price ranges. Commissions for new basses and violones are encouraged.

We also stock a small selection of bows from student to professional. Currently we have several good German bows as well as a very good French bow by Lawerence LaMay and baroque style bass bow. 

We are glad to forward more detailed images of any of our instruments. Please contact us at thomas@lowstrings.com.


George Gemünder 1875

             $ 55,500

       Thomas Andres 2014 Viennese


        Thomas Andres 2009 

         Prescott     SOLD

         Neapolitan mid 19th-century

 diamond in the rough, please inquire

    Classic good Kay laminate


       Northern Italian round back

           Please inquire 

1849 Neuner & Hornsteiner


Jacquet circa 1880

$ 24,500

         Shen SB-800 Rogeri 2002

        $ 9,200

John Juzek 1965

 $ 6,500

Anon Ausrian

Anon Austrian 19th-century


Christopher Gofriller replica


       C. G. Pfretzschner circa 1860

                           Full Size

       Rumano Solano 1994

                    $ 6,100

Mid-sixties anon. German

             $ 6,100