We design and make high quality double basses and violones and are dealers for new instruments by Xue Chang Sun, Christopher, Shen and other makers. We also offer antique and consignment instruments as they become available. 

There are currently more than a dozen basses for sale in all price ranges. Commissions for new basses and violones are encouraged.

Student basses under $5000

American Standard
  • Vintage American classic 
  • #2168
  • Healthy
  • Huge sound

Shen SB-80

  • Great starter instrument

Michael Weiss

  • Rubner Machines
  • Violin corners
  • Tonally improved

Shen SB-150

  • 3/4 Hybrid
  • Violin corners
  • Adjustable bridge

Better basses under $10,000

Xue Chang Sun Model 403 

  • 7/8ths round back
  • Nicely flamed
  • Every one has been good: I can't say enough nice things about them.
  • We use one for concert rentals with demanding artists.  

John Juzek circa 1965

  • Round back 3/4 size
  • Very good condition
  • Fully carved

Kolstein  Orchestra model 1988

  • Flat back 'gamba model
  • Very good Orchestra or Jazz instrument


Christopher, Matteo Goffriller Replica

  • 3/4 round back
  • Individual French gears
  • Refined tone
  • 41 inch (104) string length

Laborie-Vance "Q" bass

  • 3/4 round back
  • Very light
  • Oil varnish
  • Drilled for angled end-pin
  • Very responsive

Andreas Schröetter circa1920

  • Gamba shape
  • Round back
  • Hat peg tuners
  • Recent full restoration
  • Refined sound
  • Good value


Kolstein 2007

  • Round back
  • Guarneri model
  • 103cm-40 3/8 string length


Best instruments


  • Large 3/4
  • Violin shaped
  • Round back
  • Very Good condition
  • Used on numerous historic jazz recordings

Grünert circa 1970

  • large gamba round back 
  • powerful bass

Thomas Andres, The Plains, 2009

  • Prescott model. Winner of Certificate of Merit for Tone, ISB Competition 2009: "A massive instrument with nice character, great for orchestra and jazz"; "nice matching of materials"; "excellent orchestral bass sound"; "nice clean work"; "A beautiful sounding bass"...  
  • SOLD

Anon. Mittenwald circa 1870

  • Dark sound and appearance
  • Extension
  • Carbon fiber rod in neck
  • Recent full restoration


We are glad to forward more detailed images of any of our instruments. Please contact us at thomas@lowstrings.com.

Christopher Gofriller


"Morelli" circa 1910-1930 




In Progress (available quickly)

Thomas Andres 

  • Small "Dutch" model flat-back
  • Figured maple

Thomas Andres

  • Viennese design
  • Birdseye maple
  • Can be finished either as a four or five strings, in modern or historical setup